It's been a while since i posted anything, but i was really busy last couple of weeks.

Few days ago i reached lvl 30, and started playing ranked games a bit, and i got my ELO to 1500 pretty fast.
I still play vlad, but i started playing Nocturne, and it seems pretty good for now.

Servers have improved now, but they queue me for login at weekend evenings:

(note the queue position)

Some news, and new hack


Riot apparently established a new data center, and it definetely doesn't lag as much now, so that's something really good. Now, the recent patch messed up all offsets, so none of them actually work, and im not feeling like searching all of them again from scratch. Roll3k from skillhackers released some WIP last hit hack, which worked, but it's far from perfect, and doesn't really help at higher level games. Here is the link if you wanna check it out anyways:


Karthus, Ashe and some stuff...


Few days ago i started playing Karthus, and first 20 games, i haven't lost even one of them, which is pretty good, but i ended most of the time with lots of deaths and stuff, and i don't really like that. This week Ashe is free, so i tried her on custom, and i quite liked her, but she's a bit too squishy for my taste, yet pretty powerfull, so i think i will be buying her next week, and play her a bit more
Anyways, servers are still shitty, and new patch introduced some potentially ridiculous stuff

About the hacks: im currently at a standstill, even tho i made a working last hit bot, but it's not ready to release yet...