Season One Championship


It has been long time since i posted, as i wasn't home, and i forgot to update the blog, but im back now, and starting to work on some hacks again (i will post my work as soon as the new LoL update is released, as i will have to update the offsets and stuff).

I have been watching every single game of the season one championship, and i was amazed by the play style from Fnatic and aAa, which both performed really well, but in the end Fnatic won in the second final game, and won $50k, and the championship. Also i am really happy that the finals were European :D

If some of you didn't watch the finals, you can check the game here:

Stay tuned for some new LoL hacks soon :D

Basic AIR Client hacking

Note: This tutorial was not written by me, it was written by Socks form

Prologue: Before we begin
For this howto we will be using the following applications:

  • cws2fws - You can use any number of flash decompressors, I've uploaded the one I'll be using here.
  • HxD - A hex editor. Really, any hex editor will work.
  • Sothink SWF Decompiler - Self explanitory.
The topics covered in this howto are very basic, however, we will be editing ActionScript bytecode. For this howto we will be using the following 4 opcodes:
Code :
24 Push byte
26 Push true
27 Push false
This howto is done using the paths for the current default launcher as of 16-04-2011. If you are using the beta launcher, replace all references to "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\air" with "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\<ver sion>\deploy". As of this writing the version is

I will not be posting patched versions of LolClient.swf. Doing so is a copyright violation.

Part 1: Decompressing the client

This will cover the use of the cws2fws that I linked to above, if you are using another decompressor you can skip this step. To make this easy, we won't be adding the exe to the path, just using it directly.

Your Flash decompiler will include a decompressor of its own so that it can open the file. However, we want a decompressed version of the file so that we can edit it easily with a hex editor.

Download the exe and copy it into your air directory (default on windows is C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\air). Open the command line (windows+R type cmd and hit enter). Execute the following commands (changing paths where necessary), your output should match the screenshot below. I personally do not follow the AIR versioning scheme when decompressing these, instead using the patch date.
Code :
cd "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\air"
cws2fws.exe LolClient.swf LolClient.20110412.swf

Part 2: Using bytecode to enable the developer window

Copy your LolClient.20110412.swf to LolClient.20110412.developer.swf. This is the file we will be using for this part. Open Sothink and using the panel on the left, navigate to your air directory. Click on your developer swf and then expand the file on the right.

Select the actionscript tab at the top and search for "developer" (no quotes). Use the "Search All AS" button. This process will take a while, however, Sothink does a good job of caching the file in memory so subsequent searches will be pretty quick. We're looking for the developer flag that is set in the RiotApplication class, so scroll through the results and look for where that is set to false. You should be able to find this line in the function initDefaults.

At the top of the window, select Raw Data. This will allow us to see the hex and the bytecode side by side. Normally you're going to need to search for the function name you were looking for and actually dig into the code. Since I'm helping you out and we can see from our results above that we want the second "developer" in the class, hit "Search Current AS" twice .

The "_as3_pushfalse" above our search result is what we want to change, turning it into a true (and so yes: this whole part we're doing all this work to change a single bit :p). Open HxD and use it to open our developer swf. We're going to search for the hex we want and then edit the 27 into a 26 (_as3_pushfalse into _as3_pushtrue). In this case, we're going to search for the variable reference before the one we want in addition to ours (initialIndexedPublicChatRoomNames) banking on the fact that these two variables will never be set in the same order again. For this specific client the chunk of code we're searching for looks like:

Code :
//61 e9 3c
_as3_setproperty initialIndexedPublicChatRoomNames
_as3_getlocal <0>
//61 99 3e
_as3_setproperty developer
Change the 27 to a 26 and we're good to go. Save the file.
Backup your original LolClient.swf (I named mine LolClient.orig.swf) and copy LolClient.20110412.developer.swf into its place. Launch the client normally. You are now running in developer mode which includes access to the developer window.

Part 3: Unlocking all Summoner Spells

By now you've played with the developer window and decided that besides that tantalizing "enable draft cheats" checkbox, there's nothing of value there. Now its time to do something worthwhile: Give ourselves Flash at summoner level 1. We've all been in situations where we create level 1 accounts and end up in a 5v5 all smurf game. None of them have Flash, ignite, clarity, etc - but you can, allowing you to keep an advantage despite playing against other skilled players.

This is a real simple hack to do, all we're doing is patching the required summoner level in the air client. Create an new copy of the air client (I called mine lolclient.20110412.summoner.swf) and open it with Sothink. This time instead of searching for developer, search for Clairvoyance (the capital C is important). Again use the "Search All AS" button. However, this time all the results will be relevant.

The SpellFactory.createSpell arguments are as follows:
Code :
SpellFactory.createSpell(spellId:int, name:String, displayName:String, description:String, minLevel:int, gameModes:Array) : Spell
This means that all we have to change to make everything available to our level 1 account is change the minLevel argument. I'm going to provide the steps for cleanse with the rest left as an exercise for the reader.

Once again, click "Raw Data" at the top. Scroll down a bit until you see the summoner spell you want. In this case the raw data we're interested in looks like:
Code :
//24 01
_as3_pushbyte 1
//2c 96 8d 02
_as3_pushstring "SummonerBoost"
//2c 97 8d 02
_as3_pushstring "Cleanse"
//2c 98 8d 02"
_as3_pushstring "Removes all ..."
//24 02
_as3_pushbyte 2
//2c 93 d8 01
_as3_pushstring "CLASSIC"
//2c a0 d8 01
_as3_pushstring "TUTORIAL"
//2c 9f d8 01
_as3_pushstring "ODIN"
//56 03
_as3_newarray [array size:3]

We are looking to change the _as3_pushbyte 2 into an _as3_pushbyte 1. The opcode for _as3_pushbyte is 24 and it takes a single byte argument with the value. Open HxD and open the summoner swf file. Because these are essentially pointers to strings that only appear one place in the entire file, we can simply search for the two strings above the level (the displayName and the description). Change the argument byte from 02 to 01 and you've modified Cleanse's minimum level.

You can test whether or not your modification was successful without entering a game by looking at the spells tab of your profile.
Hopefully this whole thing wasn't too hard to follow and helps some of you looking into the AIR client. Happy Hacking!

Am i the only one eager to try the new champion?

So, am i?

Funny vid about Laning

Just something cool that i stumbled upon today...

Lee Sin Build


So i got to play Lee Sin a bit lately, and i quite liked it, so here is the build i often use:

Long Sword > Sheen > Boots of Swiftness > BF Sword > Phage > BF Sword > Last Whisper > Frozen Mallet > The Bloodthirster > The Black Cleaver > Banshee's Veil

This is pretty much it, won't explain why have i chosen these items, but they will get you some really nice AD burst

Hope you like it, and try the build out!

Did not post for some time now...


I didn't post for some time now, i was really busy, so i didn't have much free time to play anything, just an ocassional LoL game, so im currently not up to date with hacks, and stuff that came out in last month or so.
I hope i will get more time to play now, so bare with me for new hacks!


It's been a while since i posted anything, but i was really busy last couple of weeks.

Few days ago i reached lvl 30, and started playing ranked games a bit, and i got my ELO to 1500 pretty fast.
I still play vlad, but i started playing Nocturne, and it seems pretty good for now.

Servers have improved now, but they queue me for login at weekend evenings:

(note the queue position)

Some news, and new hack


Riot apparently established a new data center, and it definetely doesn't lag as much now, so that's something really good. Now, the recent patch messed up all offsets, so none of them actually work, and im not feeling like searching all of them again from scratch. Roll3k from skillhackers released some WIP last hit hack, which worked, but it's far from perfect, and doesn't really help at higher level games. Here is the link if you wanna check it out anyways:


Karthus, Ashe and some stuff...


Few days ago i started playing Karthus, and first 20 games, i haven't lost even one of them, which is pretty good, but i ended most of the time with lots of deaths and stuff, and i don't really like that. This week Ashe is free, so i tried her on custom, and i quite liked her, but she's a bit too squishy for my taste, yet pretty powerfull, so i think i will be buying her next week, and play her a bit more
Anyways, servers are still shitty, and new patch introduced some potentially ridiculous stuff

About the hacks: im currently at a standstill, even tho i made a working last hit bot, but it's not ready to release yet...

Server busy bypass


So I haven't been updating anything for a while now, mostly because LoL servers are mostly crappy, and i can't do anything with 2500 ping, so when this lasts i will be playing TDU2, and i can get an hour or two a day on LoL when there's not much traffic on servers, and develop the hack

Anyways, here is the bypass for the launcher when it says that server is busy, or offline:
1. Open the launcher
2. Press Ctrl+l
3. Enter: javascript:setServerStatus(1); into the box
4. Press enter, and it should be unlocked

Note: since there is a new launcher under testing ATM, this probably won't be here for much longer, but i posted it anyways, maybe someone will need it

No updates due to...


I just wanted to inform you that I haven't been updating anything becuase of crappy LoL EU servers, and lag, inability to join any games or even to log in
So, as soon as it get's better, i will prolly update the hack with some new stuff

Here is a screenshot, notice the queue position...

LoL Hack Heads up


I have been working on this hack today, and i got most of it working, but I still need to implement the zoomhack in it. So far, it chan change your name to any option available, and it can show you the info of your champion, but also of the champion/minion/tower/whatever you target (click on), which is pretty good, since the game itself doesn't display all the enemy's stats (like crit chance...)

So, when I wrap this all up, il release a new update here for you to download, until then, here is a screenshot:

Stats +Info for the next hack update!


Im working on the next hack update, and I got a lot of offsets already (something around 40) but some still need to be found. It will have all your champions stats, +the stats of the champion you target (click on), I will probably add images too.

Anyways, for today I prepared a nice screenshot for you guys:

I know im not the best, but 0 deaths... :D

League of Legends Name Hack, Update


Ok, so i wrapped this up, and it works pretty good, it has few nice options, nothing too fancy tho. I added the option to show HP and Mana in percentage, or any custom name

Il be adding more features to this, when i think of what it could be (feel free to post suggestions in comments)


And the screenshot i promised:

If you like the hack, or if you have any bugs or suggestions, post it in comments!

League of Legends Name Label Hack


I finally managed to wrap up something to release here! It's nothing too fancy, or useful for that matter, but it can be somewhat helpful. Basically, what it does is change your name to anything you chose from the menu, including any custom name, HP, mana and more. I think there is a bug with Default setting, but il fix it tomorrow, and il add more options, and make it a bit more advanced

Sorry, no screenshots at the moment, LoL EU servers are total crap, and i can't get in any game atm, so il post them tomorrow with updated hack.


New update, and more stats


I don't have any hacks for you today either, but im making a good progress on them, so il surely post some till the end of this week! But i got some nice scores today again with Vlad, so i will share them with you

Plus i have another tip for you: You can recognize fake doubles of champions like Shaco by clicking on them, and checking if they have any items on themselves, if they don't then theyre fake copy, and you should attack another one which has items, and is the real deal. I think il even make a hack to show this automatically  instead of fake doubles name, to make things easier, but il see how hard it will be

Anyways, here is the screenshot (i don't know why my teams items don't show, bug i guess, but my build was almost the same as from my previous post)

Also, next time, if i don't get to finish next hack on time, i will be talking about adequate team compostitions, and what to avoid/preferr about it!

Vladimir AP/Spell Vamp Build


Today I don't have any hacks fo you, becuase next one isn't finished yet, but i'd like to share my build for Vladimir, which will give you pretty good deal of damage, and you won't even have to go back to base to fill up your health

I always start with Amplifying Tome, which gives you 20 AP, and will get you more damage for your transfusion to harrass enemies

Next item is either Mejai's Soulstealer (in case you are likely to get fed), or if you need some extra speed for hit & run, take boots (If youre against a tank, go with Sorcerrers Shoes, if youre against another caster like Ryze take Mercury's Threads, which will make them pretty much helpless in early to mid game)

Now, if youre dying more than you should, go for Will of the Ancients, which will give you 80 AP and 20% Spell Vamp fore extra healing, and will allow you to spam Tides of Blood and fill your healt constantly
Else go for Rylai's Scepter- AP + Health + Passive that slows enemies down, enough said...

Now, if you took Will of the Ancients, go either for Rylai's Scepter, or Void Staff if you need it
If you took Rylai's first, you can either go for Will of The Ancients, or fill your reamining slots with Rabadon's Deathcaps for max AP, totally depends on how game is going

Tip: If youre going against another caster, and dying more and more late game, get Force of Nature, it will give you some resistance, and more important speed

Here is an example (nothe how i got force of nature coz i started getting killed more and more late game), and yeah, i was fed a bit, but that's not the point ^^

Hope this helps someone!

League of Legends Zoomhack

Finally finished up this project, and it works pretty decently now! What this does is unlocking your max zoom-out to almost unlimited, thus allowing you for better map control, and to prevent ganks

How to use:
Extract the hack anywhere, run it, then simply start the game and zoom out. Zoom should be unlocked now!


League of Legends Addresses & Offsets

I will be posting the current addresses and offsets of League of Legends, in case you want to use them for something.

List will be updated, also, feel free to request more in comments, and I will try to find them.

Current Health: 0x137D8C7C, 0x3BC

Name: 0x9E4D00, 0x28

*Note: Name address is already calculated to match windows machines, if you request, real address will be added too. To find the name address, you will first have to read value of 0x9E4D00 then add 0x28 to that value, read your result, and it will hold the name address

Hope this helps someone!

p.s. Here is a screen of what im working on right now:

League of Legends Hack

This is just a simple League of Legends Hack, which changes your name into your current HP, and when it's really low it warns you.
Note: This does not affect what others see as your name, it's client sided, and undetected

Full size: