I don't have any hacks for you today either, but im making a good progress on them, so il surely post some till the end of this week! But i got some nice scores today again with Vlad, so i will share them with you

Plus i have another tip for you: You can recognize fake doubles of champions like Shaco by clicking on them, and checking if they have any items on themselves, if they don't then theyre fake copy, and you should attack another one which has items, and is the real deal. I think il even make a hack to show this automatically  instead of fake doubles name, to make things easier, but il see how hard it will be

Anyways, here is the screenshot (i don't know why my teams items don't show, bug i guess, but my build was almost the same as from my previous post)

Also, next time, if i don't get to finish next hack on time, i will be talking about adequate team compostitions, and what to avoid/preferr about it!